The Melotti Family

The Melotti Family

Rice productors in Verona

The Melotti Family has been producing the best varieties of Italian rice since 1986. It produces the Vialone Nano Rice and Carnaroli Rice varieties which grow thanks to spring water and organic soils.

In the family business, located in Isola della Scala in Verona, in northern Italy, Giuseppe Melotti and his wife Rosetta, together with their children Luca, Gianmaria and Francesca directly follow the cultivation, the processing and the sale of their rice. 

An high quality rice, thanks to the good soils and the spring used during the cultivation. Processed with traditional artisan methods .

The Melotti Family offers a range of delicious rice and rice-based Specialties created from Mamma Rosetta's recipes.

The Tradition of Rice

This cereal is rich in minerals and vitamins and it is ideal for our bodyas a complete dish for our daily diet. It is also gluten free, therefore more digestible and suitable for people with intolerances and allergies.

Rice is grown worldwide in great abundance, and today it is one of the most consumed foods. The varieties are numerous and lend themselves to the creation of many dishes.

Once considered a "gift" from the supernatural powers, a symbol of fertility, Industriousness, happiness and good health, this food was used as a cure for stomach and intestine diseases.