Risotto & rice-based Dishes


100% gluten free

Arancini made with Rice served with Sauce

€ 8,00

Fried Rice dough with veronese Soppressa

€ 10,00

Fried Nero Beppino Rice Polenta with Stracciatella cheese and Sea Bass tartare

€ 12,00

Tris of toasted Bread made with Rice flour with

Cacio e Pepe: Pecorino cheese and black Pepper 

Amatriciana: Bacon, Tomato sauce and Pecorino cheese

Carbonara: Bacon, Eggs and Pecorino cheese

€ 9,00

Cold Cuts of Salame, Pancetta, Prosciutto and Cheeses from Verona with fried Rice Polenta

€ 15,00

Panzanella with Lillà Rice made with Rice Bread, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, red Onion and Basil

€ 9,50


100% gluten free

Rice pasta available upon request

Risotto all'Isolana nel Pentolino

Risotto with minced Pork and Veal, Cinnamon and Rosemary 

€ 16,00

Risotto with Pecorino cheese and black Pepper 

€ 13,00

Risotto with Amarone wine

€ 17,00

Risotto with Bacon, Tomato sauce and Pecorino cheese

€ 14,00

Risotto with Basil pesto, Confit Cherry Tomatoes and Stracciatella cheese

€ 15,00

Risotto with mixed Mushrooms

€ 15,50

Risotto with Lamb Ragù and Pecorino cheese

€ 18,00

Risotto with Eggplants, Tomatoes, Basil and salty Ricotta cheese

€ 15,00

Risotto with Duck Ragù, Orange and toasted Pine nuts  

€ 17,00

Risotto with Pepper sauce and Gogonzola cheese fondue

€ 15,00

Lillà Rice Risotto with Sea Bass*, Lime and Bottarga

€ 18,00

Risotto with cheek Lard, Saffron and Melotti's balsamic Vinegar reduction

€ 16,50

Risotto with Lemon and Shrimps*

€ 17,00

Risotto with Pistachio cream and Stracciatella cheese

€ 16,00

Risotto with fresh Fish of the day

€ 20,00

Risotto of the day

*Products marked with (*) refer to high-quality raw material frozen or deep-frozen.


100% gluten free

Cantucci Biscuits made with Rice flour and Almond 

with Ewe cheese cream + Glass of Recioto wine

€ 10,00

Sbrisolona made with Rice flour 

served with Zabaione Cream

€ 7,00

Home - made Semifreddo with Hazelnut cream

€ 7,00

Tiramisù with Melotti Plum Cake made with Rice flour

€ 7,00

Soft mini Rice cake with Peaches and dark Chocolate - lactose free

€ 7,00

Cheesecake made with Rice flour with Pistachio cream

and white Chocolate

€ 7,00